Cybersecurity Threats

In a digital world, threats to cybersecurity is a minute by minute concern. The Verizon 2014 data breach was one of the larges data breaches of our time. This was a devastating blow to Verizon, yet taught us much about the importance of cybersecurity. The data breach investigations that followed identified many threats. Hackers could not only breach your website, they could breach your POS (Point of Sale) terminals.

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In this CLE class clip, Rachel discusses cybersecurity threats.

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Cyber-espionage is a common occurrence, as well, in this digital age. The Judiciary Committee, as well as other Senate committees have focused on this issue and have held many public hearings.

Espionage has been around since our country began, George Washington engaged in it, every world leader probably has, though now with cyber-espionage there is an additional threat. A hidden threat, that you may not see coming. Cyber-espionage is a very strong reason to have many, many layers of protection throughout your information infrastructure, otherwise it could be infiltrated and you could be at a severe disadvantage.

Even an seemingly innocent act as downloading a web app to your phone, can pose a substantial risk. In a digital world, it is important to know what sites you’re dealing with.

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