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ATF Positions on Expungement & Restoration of Gun Rights
Expungement wipes out the conviction, whereas restoration of rights keeps the conviction yet restores your gun rights. Expungement statutes have not been recognized by the ATF to restore gun rights. Now the developing position seems to be that AFT recognizes state expungement statutes, if there's a separate domestic violence restoration provision, or a separate domestic violence expungement provision. ATF is giving more leeway to expungement statutes.
Legal Issues with Open and Concealed Carry Gun Laws
Simply put, the law or license to carry a handgun issued in a lot of states, deals with a handgun not a long gun, so let's take that piece out of the equation. There is open carry allowed in some states without a license.
Firearms Law Classes of “Prohibited Possessors”
Federal enumerations, “prohibited possessors”, are individuals who are restricted from having a gun. Prohibited Possessors include those convicted of a crime and have been punished by over a year imprisonment, fugitives from justice, individuals addicted to a controlled substance, illegal aliens and more.
Ordinary Firearms & NFA Weapons Update
From the narrowing of federal firearms license requirements, to “gun show” loopholes, Bryan L. Ciyou discusses the ordinary firearms and NFA weapons update. Bryan also takes on the hot topic of firearms law enforcement trends.
The 23 Presidential Executive Actions – Firearms Law
There has been a very significant and intense focus on the occasional buyer and seller of firearms. In this CLE class clip, Bryan L. Ciyou discusses the increase in NICS or background checks, as well as, the increase mental health treatment and reporting.
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Firearms Law Today: Gun Trust Demise, Interstate Travel, Domestic Violence Disqualifications, License Issues, Restoration of Rights, and Enforcement Trends
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Introduction to Gun Trusts
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