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Federal Student Loan Rehabilitation
The federal student loan rehabilitation program is a temporary payment plan for student loans in default status. The borrower is required to make 9 on-time monthly payments, in a consecutive 9 or 10 month period. Perkins loans require the borrower make 9 monthly payments in a 9 month period. All other federal student loan rehab programs, require the borrower to make 9 monthly payments in a 10 month period. The federal plan allows the borrower to miss one payment in a 10 month period. Though, it is best if the borrower makes all 9 payments consecutively without fail to avoid potential problems.
Administrative Discharges Federal Student Loans
Various administrative discharges eliminate the borrowers repayment obligation, for some, or all of their federal student loans. A federal student loan can be completely discharged, if the borrower becomes totally or permanently disabled, for false certification of the attending school, the school closes, or the borrower has an unpaid refund. These administrative discharges are not limited to borrowers who are in default, borrowers in good standing are eligible to have their loans discharged, if they meet the qualifications. So, let's discuss a few ways you can have your student loan discharged.
Consequences of Defaulting on Your Student Loans
Tough financial times are just that, tough.  When you are facing tough financial times, it is easy to put your student loans on the back burner, in hopes you can resume payments quickly. Before you make the decision to let payments go, consider the negative consequences of defaulting on your federal student loans.
Types of Student Loans
Student loan debt in the US is estimated to be a staggering 1.2 trillion dollars. Only mortgage debt, beats student loan debt, as the highest form of debt in America. states that most of those loans are held by the federal government. The federal government holds the majority of student loans, there are other types of student loans. First are loans held by the federal government. Secondly, there are privately held loans, such as loans provided by the institution, or loans held by traditional lending companies. The first step in dealing with student loan issues, is to determine what type of student loan you have.
Federal Student Loan Repayment Plans
Roughly 40 million Americans carry student loan debt, as reported by There are a variety of options available to repay federal student loans. Let's take a look at 3 of the many repayment plans available to you. The most popular loan repayment plan is the income driven repayment plan.
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