Types of Student Loans

Student loan debt in the US is estimated to be a staggering 1.2 trillion dollars. Only mortgage debt, beats student loan debt, as the highest form of debt in America. Marketwatch.com states that most of those loans are held by the federal government.

The federal government holds the majority of student loans, there are other types of student loans. First are loans held by the federal government. Secondly, there are privately held loans, such as loans provided by the institution, or loans held by traditional lending companies. The first step in dealing with student loan issues, is to determine what type of student loan you have.

Adam S. Minsky, Esq. established the first law firm in Massachusetts devoted entirely to assisting student loan borrowers, and he remains one of the only attorneys in the country with a practice focused exclusively in this area of law.

In this CLE Class video clip, Adam explains how to determine what type of student loan you have.

You can watch the complete Student Loan Debt Law CLE class here:
Student Loan Debt Law CLE

The federal government provides a checklist at www.nslds.ed.gov, where you can verify if your student loan is indeed a federal student loan. For private loans, you can pull your credit report to see what institution is reporting on a student loan debt. You are allowed one free credit report per year from all three top credit reporting sites. If you have a institutional, or traditional student loan, you will see their information listed on your credit report. You can find information regarding obtaining your credit report here https://www.usa.gov/credit-reports

Once you determine what type of student loan you have, you can begin the process of setting up payments, deferring payments, or otherwise dealing with your student loans.