Emerging Trends in Cybersecurity

When we take a close look at the emerging trends and issues in cybersecurity, we realize how global the problem has become. In 2015 the Ponemon Study revealed that health care data attacks are on the rise. This report mirrors the statement that the Department of Justice released in terms of cyber security attacks, especially in healthcare.

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Why is healthcare becoming more, and more of a target? First, the black market value of the data contained in the health files, is greater than that contained in credit card information, and a social security number. The harm that can be inflicted, if their health information is public, is tremendous, therefore, more restrictions and guidelines have been laid out for this particular type of cyber data.

Encryption versions becoming obsolete, or considered no longer safe. It is important that you use an AES 256 encrytion at a minimum, because SSL v. 3 has been deemed vulnerable. Effective cybersecurity is now seen as a competitive advantage. CIO’s are now briefing boards on cybersecurity strategies, as a means to gain a competitive edge in their market.

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