GIPS Global Investment Performance Standards

GIPS, the Global Investment Performance Standards, are industry standards utilized for calculating and presenting investment performance results to prospective clients. There is a significant overlap with the 1933 & 1934 Acts and Investor Advisers Act of 1940 requirements.

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In this CLE class clip, Rachel discusses GIPS Global Investment Performance Standards.

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There are rules and regulations that transcend from those various laws that affect cybersecurity and material misstatements along those lines. We’ve also seen other entities going after companies that make material misstatements about compliance on their websites, security filings, and more.

So it is with the SEC, the SEC examiners rely on the idea that potential investors must not be misled. In the instance of material misstatements, an individual can not only be fined, but also stripped of their broker-dealer license.

For more on GIPS, check out the full CLE class video by Rachel V. Rose.