Judicial Approval of Contracts with Minors

Wallace Collins, an attorney from New York, authors this informative blog on intellectual property and entertainment industry legal issues. Wallace’s practice centers around entertainment law, which encompasses copyright and trademark matters. In this resent blog post, Wallace discusses the necessity for business to gain judicial approval of contracts with minors.


Judicial Approval of Contracts with Minors – A Necessity for Businesses from Modeling Agencies to Tech Companies

From talent bookers and modeling agencies to technology start-ups and other computer software companies, the predicament of employing or contracting with a party under the age of eighteen has become an increasing problem. The minor is not bound by the contract and may disaffirm the contract at any time during minority or within a reasonable time after reaching majority. Without a valid written agreement the employment is “at will” under the law of most States which means the minor can depart at any time.
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