Derivative Contraband – Protects Dog from Going Back to Abusive Owner in Pennsylvania

Yes Sir Bacon, knowledge is power, and the animal legal defense fund hands it out like candy providing effective, fundamental legal tools for the general public, attorneys, and prosecutors alike. Founded in 1979 by attorneys active in animal law. Considered trailblazers by their peers, ALDF continues to push for stronger enforcement of anti-cruelty laws and the more humane treatment of animals. In this latest article, David Rosengard explains how derivative contraband can be an effective tool in litigating animal cruelty cases.


Pennsylvania Court Decision – Neglected Puppy Not Going Back to Abuser

Great news for a pit bull puppy named Luke—last week, a Pennsylvania court decided that he does not have to return to his abuser! In Commonwealth v. Kuhns, the Superior Court of Pennsylvania affirmed the legitimacy of using contraband forfeiture rules to prevent seized animals from going back to owners who subjected them to unlawful cruelty. Derivative contraband is now one more legal strategy that animal advocates, prosecutors and law enforcement can add to their toolbox to protect animal victims where the criminal justice system falls short.
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