What if someone else hurts my dog?

Not just veterinarians, but other people come in contact with your dog throughout your dog’s life. Other professions, such as behaviorists, groomers, walker, and sitters, have all encountered instances where their actions have resulted in liability to an owner or guardian for the death, or injury of a companion animal. What are your options when this happens to you and your dog?

Anna Morrison-Ricordati practices civil litigation and animal law in Chicago, Illinois.

Handling all aspects of dispute resolution, Anna has represented individual and business clients in mediations, arbitrations, jury and bench trials, equitable remedies, and appeals.

She is a past Chair of the Illinois State Bar Association’s Animal Law Section Council (2010-2011), past Chair of the Chicago Bar Association’s Animal Law Committee (2012-2013), and Chair of the DuPage County Bar Association’s Animal Law Section (2014-2015)

In this CLE class clip, Anna discusses what to do if someone hurts your dog.

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Whereas with veterinarians, who work to diminish the value of an animal to keep recovery costs at a minimum, other pet business have a reputation of pet friendliness to uphold, so often choose to settle disputes, often at a much higher than anticipated dollar amount, though may require confidentiality and nondisparagement clause written into the final agreement. This helps the pet business keep negative reviews off of social media and other review websites, after a dispute has been settled.

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