Trusts Law – State Estate Tax Primer

One might think if a couple has less than 10.86, what’s the point of talking about estate taxes. When it comes to many of our couples which have less than 10.86 million in estate taxes, or less than 5.43 million. The problem is we still have the potential of state estate taxes, as there are still 18 states that have their own estate tax system.

Susan L. Anderson focuses her practice on estate planning, trusts, wealth preservation, charitable planning, and probate; on the administration and litigation fronts. As the former CEO and President of ING National Trust, Susan has a deep view and understanding of a myriad of trusts.

In this CLE class video clip, Susan L. Anderson, Esq. discusses Trusts Law – State Estate Tax Primer.

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Trusts Law CLE

Within that framework there exists two types of estate taxes. First, an estate tax system which is similar to the federal system, meaning the taxes are taken on the entire decedent’s estate, and then distributed to the heirs after taxes are done, therefore they pay no tax on the received assets. Secondly, an inheritance estate tax that instead of taking the tax at the decedent’s level on that pot, then distributing it out to the heirs, the heirs get the third prorate distribution right away, then pay taxes on their share.