Montreal’s Breed Ban Problems

Wayne Pacelle, the President and CEO of The Humane Society of the United States, offers up excellent advice and information regarding dog law. In his latest post, Wayne discusses the recklessness of some breed ban ordinances.


Judge stays Montreal’s reckless and ineffective breed ban ordinance

October 7, 2016
In a judicial act that counts as both a reprieve for pet owners and a stay of execution for dogs, Quebec’s Superior Court has temporarily suspended Montreal’s widely condemned pit bull ban, in response to a request for injunction filed by our friends at the Montreal SPCA. The suspension will continue until a full hearing occurs, perhaps in several months. Pit bull dogs are by no means safe for good in Montreal, but it delays implementation and allows advocates of dogs and fair play an opportunity to press their case and have local lawmakers rethink their rash and reactionary policy.
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