Major Players in Video Game Law

Major players in the video game industry are the platforms, where people are actually playing the games. The major players on the platform front are Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo to name a few, all have their own home video game console platforms, such as the PlayStation, the xBox, and the Wii. Steam is the big platform on PC’s that people are using which allows developers to self publish.

Video Game Law 101 with Zachary Strebeck
Zachary Strebeck is a California game lawyer who represents clients in the video game, tabletop game, and mobile app industries. In addition to his solo law practice, Zachary serves as Of Counsel to The McArthur Law Firm, where he counsels clients in business formation and fundraising issues, game development contracts, and the protection and enforcement of intellectual property.

In this CLE class video Zachary Strebeck discusses Major Players in Video Game Law.

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Video Game Law CLE

For mobile games you have Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, which are very popular with roughly 500 games going up on each of these sites every day. With the vast amount of video games going up every day, it makes sense that protecting your intellectual property from cloning and other infringement issues is key to your success.

There are other publishers that are popular with smaller gaming start-ups and to the independent game developer, such as Developer Digital, or Adult Swim. These are considered the indie publishers and are popular for publishing smaller games.