History Food Truck

The mobile food truck industry began to explode in 2008 and 2009, though has a history dating back long before the modern food truck hit the streets. In the late 1800, there were a variety of unique mobile food vendors that began operations. Chuckwagons that accompanied cattle ranchers on the prairie are an example of the first mobile food vendors. Another example of early mobile vendors were the famous hot dog stands of New York. Common since the 60s, the lunchera was a unique way to get food to workers in California.

Laura Collier, Esq. is a food & beverage attorney based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Laura is a longtime member of the food & beverage industry, including experience working with wine & beer retail, restaurants, alcohol distribution, and event planning.

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Technically speaking, a food truck is an actual vehicle and fully enclosed. If there is no actual food preparation on the truck, it is not classified as a food truck. Typically, ice cream trucks are not considered food trucks and are regulated differently. If you use a food truck during a catering event, during the event the truck is not considered a food truck, falling under food truck laws.