Dog Parks & Dog Bites

Off-leash dog parks are becoming more popular than any other type of park in America’s larger cities. A report by the Trust for Public Land, stated that in 2015 off-leash dog parks grew 6%, an increase of 20% in the past few years. With so many dogs off the leash in a public area, it’s only reasonable to expect a few dogs won’t play well with others. What exactly are your options, if another dog attacks yours at an off-leash dog park? Tracie Santos, writer for, takes a look at your options in detail.


Dog Parks and Bites: What You Need to Know

Off-leash dog parks are great places to socialize your dog, meet other dog lovers, and enjoy a sunny day. But in just a few seconds, a peaceful afternoon can turn into a nightmare should two or more dogs begin to show aggression.
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