Dealing with Alzheimer’s During Estate Planning

Gene Wilder will forever be missed, though his passing sheds light on an important aspect of estate planning. In this article, Andy & Danielle Mayoras discusses how a loved one suffering from Alzheimer disease can still, in some instances, make legally valid decisions for them selves and their estate.


Dealing with Alzheimer’s During Estate Planning

Wilder’s struggle serves another valuable lesson to others because his family did not hide from his condition. The family statement notes that it was his wish to handle publicizing his condition only after he died. This means that Wilder and his family talked about, and planned for, the inevitable deterioration that would occur.

This same approach should be taken with estate planning. Those suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, or other forms of dementia, can often still make legally-valid decisions for themselves, depending of course on the particular circumstances surrounding each person at the time. A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s does not necessarily mean that the sufferer is legally incompetent.

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