Could Your Next Promotion Depend on Wearable Tech?

“From fabrics to footwear, from bricks to clicks” This blog has it all taking on tough topics, such as antitrust, branding, corporate mergers, finance, distribution, and more. In this article, Cody Fierro discusses wearable technology.


Punching the Clock in the 21st Century: Could Your Bonuses and Promotions Be Determined By Wearable Tech?

From Apple Watches to Fitbits, the market for wearable technology has steadily increased over the years. In 2015, just under 50 million wearable devices were shipped.[1] Additionally, the wearables market is expected to increase 35% by 2019. As the wearable technology trend increases, many companies are beginning to view wearables as a way to efficiently increase both employee health and productivity.
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