Can Just Anyone Buy A Gun On The Internet? busts the myth that “anyone can buy a gun on the Internet” in this article by Tom McHale. In this fifth installment of their Buying and Selling a Firearm series, Tom covers the details of interstate and “online” gun sales.


Can Just Anyone Buy A Gun On The Internet?

Federal law for interstate gun sales and other transfers – those occurring between two people who are not Federal Firearm Licensees (FFLs) who live in different states — is pretty straightforward. A person who is not an FFL cannot acquire a handgun from anyone – an FFL or any other person – who lives in another state. A person (the “transferee”) acquiring a long gun must do so through a licensed dealer (FFL). It can be an FFL in any state, the transfer must comply with the laws of the FFL’s and the transferee’s states.
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