California Votes on Proposition 63

For some, July 1. 1993 will be a day they never forget. It was on that hot California day in July, that an assault weapon massacre at 101 California Street in San Francisco left 8 dead and 6 wounded.

The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, was founded in that wake of that horrific event. The Law Center tracks and analyzes firearms legislation in all 50 states. In this post from October 6, 2016, their blog takes a sharp look at California’s Proposition 63.


California Votes on Proposition 63

This November, California voters will have the chance to usher in a new set of laws designed to make the state safer from the tragic incidents of gun violence that forever change the lives of hundreds of people a day in the United States. The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence is proud to stand with Lt.

Governor Gavin Newsom in supporting Proposition 63, the Safety for All act, a series of lifesaving smart gun laws that will further California’s commitment to improving public safety. We’ve been working on this initiative for more than a year, drafting the language, testifying before the state legislature, advocating to the media, and building coalitions to support for this set of commonsense gun laws.
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