Title II of the JOBS Act with Kendall Almerico

JOBS Act Title II is what we consider “Accredited Investor Crowdfunding”, where you can offer private placements only to accredited investors online. An investor can read the documentation online and can invest through an online source.

Kendall Almerico
“One of the top Crowdfunding & JOBS Act attorneys in the country” Forbes magazine
Named 17th most influential thought leader in the crowdfunding industry, VentureBeat
“Top 19 Crowdfunding Experts Startups Need to Know” Inc. magazine

Mr. Almerico is CEO of BankRoll Ventures, who owns and operates BankRoll, an equity crowdfunding web site focused on Regulation A+ Mini IPOs and 506(c) and 506(b) private placements. Mr. Almerico is a regular crowdfunding columnist for Entrepreneur.com and a highly sought after keynote speaker on both a national and international level.

In this CLE class clip, Mr. Almerico discusses Title II of the JOBS Act.

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For 80 years, you were not allowed to solicit for private investors. Title II of the JOBS Act expanded the private placement world to allow online funding and general solicitation via various crowdfunding websites. Only to accredited investors can this be done under Title II, and there is no limit on amount that may be raised.