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FDA Food Truck Code
Most states' food safety regulations are based on the food code, which is issued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) every four years. This document sets out the best manufacturing practices based on current scientific understanding of the best ways to reduce the chance of food-borne illness or other kinds of food safety problems. The food code is essentially a resource for municipalities to use and adopt their own food safety regulations.
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Food Truck Commissary Requirements
The differences you will see between state to state and county to county, as far as what you are required to have on your food truck, will be determined by what is on your menu. Some states have minimum requirements no matter what is on your menu, in the case you do expand your menu.
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Operating A Food Truck in Multiple Jurisdictions
If you plan to operate your food truck in multiple jurisdictions, there are many things to consider and keep track of. For example, health department permits, in some states one health department permit is required, in others you may need a specific health department permit for each county you operate in.
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Food Truck Operations Drafting Menus
Many jurisdictions have a truth in menu clause. In addition, the FDA food code has a clause that requires that food must be honestly presented. Meaning, food must be offered “in a way that does not mislead or misinform the consumer.” Nothing can be used to misrepresent the true appearance, color, or quality of a food item, such as color additives, or colored over-wrapping.
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Reducing Risk of Liability in Food Truck Operations
There are several things you can do to reduce the risk of liability in your food truck operations. First, you might want to review your corporate documents to make sure everything is in order. Secondly, a thorough overview of client operations is a great idea.
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