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Typical types of counterfeiters are brick and mortar stores, such as flea markets; street sellers, for example New York city's Chinatown. This is a stagnating breed of counterfeiting, because people are moving to online shopping.
Trademarks and their Function in the Fashion Industry
A trademark is any kind of signifier a company uses to distinguish its good, or services, from other companies. This includes words, symbols, smells, trade dress, which includes the design of a product or its packaging.
Developing Fashion Industry Trademarks & Tradenames
When it comes to developing a fashion industry trademark, or tradename, thinking outside of the box can be your best bet. Consider sounds and smells, as source identifiers. Most of us are familiar with the NBC Chimes, registered trademark #0916522, for “broadcasting of television programs.” First used in 1961, the well known NBC Chimes were originally used so radio listeners would know when an NBC program ended.
Design Patents
What are the differences between a utility patent and a design patent? Utility patents grand an inventor limited monopoly over new functional innovation, or invention, for a term of 20 years from the date of issuance. Whereas design patents, grant a limited monopoly over an original ornamental design of an article they manufacture. This type of patent goes for a term of 15 years from the date of issuance.
Negotiating A Brand License
Trademarks, brand recognition and goodwill associated with its brands are often the most valuable assets a company has. Licensing allows trademark owners to capitalize on their brand and increase market penetration, by taking advantage of the licensee's infrastructure and resources.
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