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Financing A Film Project
Project funding deals are a big part of every film project, you can't make a move on hopes and dreams. You need financing. When a deal is signed, the producer is paid a small amount, to cover the period until the film is either green-lighted, or put in turn-around.
The Reality of Reality TV
According to Nielsen, more than 50% of the prime-time television audience is tuned into a reality TV show. There are many industry fans of this, producers for example, like it because a reality TV show usually costs about half of a narrative show to make. Costs for talent-less actors, writers, directors are for less substantial than start talent.
6 Top Reasons for New Entertainment Content Distribution Models
As the entertainment industry accepts a digital takeover, new distribution models develop. Here are six reason why this is happening. 1. Business models for digital content distribution are changing. Licensing and service-based delivery models are replacing traditional sales-based distribution. Netflix and Hulu are prime examples of a licensed based entertainment delivery system to consumers.
Protecting Your Entertainment Intellectual Property Online
When you take your intellectual property online, there are many things you need to consider in order to protect your creation. You can have a great idea, but if you put it out on the internet without protecting your intellectual property, you have very little protection if someone takes that idea and makes it their own.
Viacom vs YouTube Copyright Lawsuit
On March 13, 2001 Viacom International, Inc. filed a 1 Billion dollar lawsuit against Google and their offshoot YouTube for what their attorneys claimed was “brazen” and “massive” case of copyright infringement. In their suit, Viacom stated that by allowing users to upload copyrighted material owned by Viacom for public viewing by their users, YouTube had infringed on its copyrights.
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