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What if someone else hurts my dog?
Not just veterinarians, but other people come in contact with your dog throughout your dog's life. Other professions, such as behaviorists, groomers, walker, and sitters, have all encountered instances where their actions have resulted in liability to an owner or guardian for the death, or injury of a companion animal. What are your options when this happens to you and your dog?
Veterinary Malpractice – What if the vet hurts my dog?
According to the American Pet Products Association, Americans spent an estimated $62.75 billion dollars in 2016 on their pets. A typical dog owner spends roughly a thousand dollars a year in vet check-ups, vaccines, and medications. We typically trust our vets and consider this money well spent, but what happens if your vet hurts your dog? Or, the unthinkable happens and your dog dies due to medical malpractice?
How Do I Get My Dog Back? Replevin
Replevin is a type of lawsuit, where claim is made against personal property that has been taken wrongfully, or unlawfully, as a means to get that property back. If your dog has been taken wrongfully, perhaps by a family member, or ex non-marital partner, it is possible to use the property status of your animal to obtain a judgment.
What If The Police Shoot My Dog?
Another area that has come up recently in Dog Law, is the wrongful injury, or death of an animal when the police are involved. Police often claim qualified immunity, and argue that the dog's actions force them to make the decision to shoot a dog, because they were in fear of their safety.
How Do I Provide For My Dog After I’m Gone?
Most states have some provisions for taking care of your pet after you are gone. Pet trusts are increasing in popularity as a way to provide for your pet. For example, the Illinois pet trust not only sets the caretaker of the animals, but offers a provision for an enforcer. An enforcer would monitor the caretaker to ensure they are meeting their obligations as detailed in the trust.
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