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K & L Gates Construction Law Talks Going Green
Construction and engineering are arguably the world’s largest industries. They are fast-paced and governed by strict deadlines. Building a successful project requires cooperation and teamwork among architects, engineers, contractors, subcontractors and many others. The K & L Gates Law Blog offers leading construction industry information, written by proven professionals in the field. In this recent blog post, Duncan Fletcher and Miriam Power discuss going green in the construction industry.
From Construction Site to Court Room: How project management is transforming expert witness teams
John T. Jozwick and Jeffrey G. Landtiser of Rider Levett Bucknall Ltd., posted this informative article on the Building Design and Construction site, entitled "From Construction Site to Court Room: How project management is transforming expert witness teams," where they discuss how project management is transforming expert witness teams. The guys show how to apply strategic methodologies and techniques, in order to increase efficiency and reduce the costs associated with litigation.
What Your Kids Can Teach You About Claim Delays
We learn a lot from our kids, and in this recent post by Matthew Devries, he explains how he learned a big lesson on delay claims from his kids. When you're in the process of defending a delay claim, you will need evidence to establish your position. Matthew discusses a few excellent points to ensure your construction processes are solid, and above reproach.
Do Construction Contracts and Fraud Mix After All?
Christopher G. Hill, discusses how fraud claims and written construction contract base claims do not mix well. Though, he points out a very valid exception in the "economic loss rule". What happens when fraud is used to secure a construction contract in the first place? For answers to this and more, check out the full story on Virginia Construction Law Musings.
CSLB’s Military Application Assistance Program
California Construction Law Blog is focused on dealing with issues that hit were we live. From the authors, “Construction directly impacts where we live, where we work and go to school, where we shop, eat and entertain ourselves, and how we get from one place to another. In short, the built environment for most of us, "is" our world. At Wendel Rosen, we understand the importance of construction - as well as the need to smile every once in awhile - and publish this blog to keep our friends and clients informed of new developments in construction law.”
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