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Legal Issues with Open and Concealed Carry Gun Laws
Simply put, the law or license to carry a handgun issued in a lot of states, deals with a handgun not a long gun, so let's take that piece out of the equation. There is open carry allowed in some states without a license.
Firearms Law Classes of “Prohibited Possessors”
Federal enumerations, “prohibited possessors”, are individuals who are restricted from having a gun. Prohibited Possessors include those convicted of a crime and have been punished by over a year imprisonment, fugitives from justice, individuals addicted to a controlled substance, illegal aliens and more.
Ordinary Firearms & NFA Weapons Update
From the narrowing of federal firearms license requirements, to “gun show” loopholes, Bryan L. Ciyou discusses the ordinary firearms and NFA weapons update. Bryan also takes on the hot topic of firearms law enforcement trends.
The 23 Presidential Executive Actions – Firearms Law
There has been a very significant and intense focus on the occasional buyer and seller of firearms. In this CLE class clip, Bryan L. Ciyou discusses the increase in NICS or background checks, as well as, the increase mental health treatment and reporting.
Helpful Contract Clauses for Wedding Photographers
Copyright law is something photographers deal with most. Retaining the copyrights for your work, and choosing to only license the copies to your clients is a popular way to word your contracts. In this CLE class clip, Caroline J. Fox Esq. discusses the benefits of special contract clauses for wedding photographers.
Helpful Contract Clauses for Party Planners
A wedding planner stays with the couple through the entire process and coordinates the wedding day. Since you will use a basic contract over, and over again, you will want it to be flexible in order to change certain items, so you can tailor your contract to fit each wedding event you are involved with. In this CLE class clip, Caroline J. Fox Esq. discusses helpful contract clauses for party planners.
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Wedding Industry Nonrefundable Deposits
In legal terms considered “liquidated damages” clauses, nonrefundable deposits are meant to protect the injured party in a contract, and not to act as a penalty. Customarily, an initial partial payment is used as a nonrefundable deposit when collecting funds on a contract. For example, 50% down and 50% at a predetermined date, with the initial payment being the nonrefundable deposit. Drafting a contract utilizing more of a sliding scale is a better way to go. In this CLE class clip, Caroline J. Fox Esq. details a more secure nonrefundable clause and payment schedule, that is friendly, yet effective.
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Wedding Industry Contracts
Everything that a wedding vendor does is going to be governed by a contract, therefor, it is important to get everything in writing. Also, considering the customer base a wedding vendor works with, their contracts must be in a friendlier tone than a normal contract. In this CLE class video clip, Caroline J. Fox, Esq. discusses the importance of a properly prepared wedding vendor contract.
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Helpful Contract Clauses for Florists
Florists have a few things they deal with that other wedding vendors do not. Caroline J. Fox Esq. takes a look at exclusivity clauses and the issues surrounding transporting flowers across state lines. Caroline also discusses how to protect yourself contractually if flowers cannot be delivered to the site, or if you are unable to procure them due to unforeseen difficulties.
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Legal Issues in Special Education Disputes
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Legal Issues in Special Education Disputes
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Equity Crowdfunding & Regulation A+: Big Changes in Start-Up Financing with Mini-IPOs
The Legal & Compliance Minefield of Equity Crowdfunding under Regulation CF of The JOBS Act
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